Daily Barks

Just want it more

“You just have to want it more than everyone else”.

Transfer to Game

The reason why you can’t transfer from practice to game.  You are comfortable and confident with your bad mechanics. You have to become better at making your changes feel comfortable. So that you become confident with them all the time.


Top 3 questions a D1 College coach ask..

Spoke to a D1 College Coach today about one of our guys. Only 3 questions.
1. What are his grades like?
2. How does he act at practice?
3. What are his mom and dad like?
If you don’t think these things matter you are crazy!
Not a single question about baseball, data. etc.

Don’t get frustrated by uncontrollable outcomes.

Uncontrollable Outcomes

Baseball is one of the WORST sports for uncontrollable outcomes.

In boxing, if you get punched in the face…it’s your own fault.

In swimming, if you don’t want to lose you should swim faster.

But in baseball, you can smoke a pitch right into a fielder’s glove. Pitchers can make a great pitch in a tight spot only for a hitter to break his bat on a game-winning blooper. Good and bad luck happens a LOT.

Frustration Kills the Next Play.

Frustration takes a player out of the present moment, out of an attempt to do his job with a singular focus. Frustration time warps a player into the past, where he’s stuck being angry and emotional about ways he got robbed despite doing everything right.

What it takes to be a Successful Athlete

Successful Athletes:

  1. Choose and maintain a positive attitude.
  2. Maintain a high level of self-motivation.
  3. Set high, realistic goals.
  4. Deal effectively with people.
  5. Use positive self-talk.
  6. Use positive mental imagery.
  7. Manage anxiety effectively.
  8. Manage their emotions effectively.
  9. Maintain concentration.

10 Ways To Stand Out As A Baseball Player

  1. Put in the extra work.
  2. Be a coachable player.
  3. Use good body language.
  4. Be a team leader.
  5. Do everything hard.
  6. Be a great teammate.
  7. Take pride in your defense.
  8. Play with passion.
  9. Learn from failure.
  10. Make Adjustments

Drills for the week.

Weekly Drills
Tee Work: 125 Bottom Hand Swings a week.
(Slightly open stance, no load, work path of bottom hand staying  on ball a little longer, do not pul off.)
Ground Ball Work: 125 back hands behind you a week.
(Outfield: 125 Power stride per week, Create good angles, Break down behind ball, stride to ball with foot and glove side to ball, glove out in front, try to gain ground with proper foot work ether R/L or L/R depending on what side you throw with).

Great Hitters

Great Hitters
Step up to the plate with confidence
Have an aggressive mentality
Have great timing
Stay balanced
Use the entire field
Practice with a purpose
Fail forward

Learn how to not ride the pine

Sitting on your buns, is preparing you to ride the pine.
Get outside and work to be in the line up.

5 Things That Show How Committed An Athlete Really Is

5 Things That Show How Committed An Athlete Really Is.

1. The Questions they ask.

2. The time they arrive at practice.

3. Their ability to listen and carry out instructions.

4. The attitude and effort they bring daily.

5. Their lifestyle and habits outside of practice time.