Updated Practice Schedule

Updated Today September  6th 2pm

All field practice will resume as normally scheduled same days and times.

We are still asking for parents to take precaution when sending your athlete  to any CSD event. We rely on you when you the parents when it comes to monitoring you athletes health. Please take the following steps.

1. If you know your child has been exposed to the Covid virus please keep them home for the time it takes to ether pass a covid test with negative results or exceed the time needed to insure that they did not contract the virus.
2. Do a pre check of your athlete for the following symptoms before leaving your home. fever, stomach aches, headache, aches and pains, chills, nausea, cold or cough.
3. Please monitor family members for the same symptoms keep your athlete home.

 Once again sorry for this break i have discussed it with the staff and we are all agree with this timely break.

On another note, league ages will change effective today September 1st. Your practice days and times will remain the same. So even though your athlete is a new year age he will continue to practice on same day and time until myself or coach Christian have changed them.

Thank CSD Staff  


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