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Congratulations to the following teams for their 2016 accomplishments!!
2016 Global Champs
2016 USSSA World Series Runner Up
2016 USSSA World Series Champs
2016 Global World Series Runner Up
2016 Xtreme Diamond State Champs
2016 USSSA Global World Series Runner Up
2016 Slugger Baseball Champs
2016 Hardcore Champs

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10u Black New Uniforms 4-0 Cranberry Classic Vegas 2015

9u Dawgs finish 2nd in the Cranberry Classic Gold Div 


12u Black Cooperstown Fundraiser

Revised: 8/18/2015 @12;30pm
Effective today Aug 8th all age groups are moving up. If you were league age 7 you are now league age 8. There have been some updates to the calendar that will reflect your players weekly schedule. You will also notice that there is a field practice that has been posted to the calendar for the week. Please review your calendar for changes. Roster are posted in the front office on the white board and on your team page in the roster tab. If you do not see your players name on a roster please let me know. Any questions you may have please contact Coach Charlie

A player’s age is based on a April 30 cutoff date (i.e. If a player will turn 11 before April 30, 2015 he must play 11u or above).   A player may “play up,” but can not “play down.”